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Lotus Domino Troubleshooting

Nash!Com can help you to identify and solve problems based on detailed up to date troubleshooting experience on the one side and knowledge of your organisation and environment on the other side.

We offer specialised support for Lotus Domino and a number of companion products and can help you finding solutions for the problems in your environment by being part of your escalation team.

Support we offer is not based on per incident level but on time we spent working on a solution for you.
In case of simple problems we do only charge a basic amount and in case of complex problems we try to tell you before we start how long it might take.

Working together with a number of experts around the world we make sure to have up to date technical know-how and to ensure to provide the best solutions for our customers.

In contrast to Support Lotus we have also to charge you for calls that finally result in a SPR at Lotus Support.
We have strong troubleshooting experience and Domino Infrastructure knowledge but we are also limited to the answers we get from escalating calls to Lotus Support in some cases.

Feel free to contact NashCom for more detailed information.