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Lotus Domino is a very powerful but complex product. Therefore a single company cannot have complete expertise about each and every part of Lotus Notes/Domino and Add-on products. Nash!Com is working very closely with a number of experts around the world to ensure to provide the best solutions for our customers.

Nash!Com is Lotus Advanced Business Partner and Lotus Independent Software Vendor. People working for us meet the highest Certification levels of Lotus Certification. We are working with Certified Lotus Professionals and Lotus Certified Instructors. Most people also have Principal Certifications since at least Release 4.

Lotus Development Corporation

We believe in partnering. Therefore NashCom is a active member of the Lotus Business Partner Forum which is a great place to find valuable information, share ideas and to meet interesting people from a around the world.

Nash!Com is working together with a number of selected international Business Partners and have strong relationships to top consultants for Lotus Products world-wide. Below you find an extract of companies we are working together with.

The Penumbra Group is a select group of Lotus Business Partners who have pooled technical resources and management skills to create the ideal Notes provider network. We offer the competence and breadth of much larger companies. In addition, we deliver the full attention of each member company's principal developers to each project. Currently over twenty Penumbra member companies worldwide are providing a full range of Notes services to hundreds of clients.

In addition to providing an opportunity to particpate in an extremely high level informal Notes technical discussion, membership in The Penumbra Group provides Nash!Com with an expert network of Notes and Domino experts around the world who can be engaged by Nash!Com to work on our client's projects.

dotNSF, Inc. has unique knowledge about Lotus Domino, Websphere and Lotus Notes Add-On products. The company is mainly focused on security, infrastructure consulting and system level development. Nash!Com and dotNSF work together in a large number of areas and combine their strength to an unique knowledge pool in the Domino Infrastructure area.

Visual Solutions is focused on Web Development, Database Publishing and CD-ROM Publishing. The company has in depth knowledge in all areas of Lotus Domino Web Development. Visual Solutions and Nash!Com are closely working together in this area combining up to date Web development and Domino infrastructure expertise to help customers to create compelling websites and integrated e-business and e-commerce solutions.

RKJ-Soft offers Lotus Notes standard and specialised trainings and workshops for development and administration. The company has extensive practical experience in Lotus Notes development in native Notes Languages and is focused on troubleshooting existing applications and environments. RKJ-Soft and Nash!Com combine their troubleshooting experience to help customers to solve complex business cases.

TIMETOACT Software & Consulting is specialized in developing content management, e-business and e-commerce applications based on Lotus Domino. TIMETOACT has a solution framework for Domino Websites which accelerates custom application development tremendously. In addition TIMETOACT provides a security solution for HTTP intruder detection "SecureDomino" based on DSAPI which was ported by Nash!Com to UNIX, Linux and AS/400 (iSeries). Together we help customers in the HTTP security area providing out of the box and customized solutions.