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Integrating with Lotus Domino

Lotus Domino is one of the most complex business suites for Communication, Cooperation and Coordination.
Large companies have the need to combine collaborative services like Messaging, Workflow and distributed data processing with their Backend Systems or in combination with large e-business applications.

Using the standard Integration Tools - Lotus Enterprise Integrator

Lotus provides a number of extensions like Domino Enterprise Integrator to help integrating you business applications with the strength of Lotus Domino Collaborative Tools. We can help you to integrate or expand your applications with Lotus standard tools or can help you to combine Lotus and Business Partner Solutions to get the best benefit from your Lotus Domino infrastructure. Nash!Com has unique knowledge on Lotus Connector API Level and can help you to understand and integrate your applications using Lotus Connecting Services.

Lotus Domino provides unique integration of Internet Protocols like HTTP, SMTP, POP3, IMAP, NEWS and LDAP.
We can help you do understand the full bandwidth of the great possibilities Lotus Domino provides and help to integrate it with your legacy systems.

DSAPI -- Domino Webserver API

Beginning with Release 5 Lotus Domino comes with support for extending Lotus Domino Webauthentication by writing own DSAPI-Filters. Nash!Com can help you to integrate your own applications and infrastructure using DSAPI technology. The toolkit is primary build for third party authentication and can be used to integrate Lotus Domino Webserver Application Security with your current environment.

In cooperation with dotNSF, Inc. one of the leading supplier of DSAPI based solutions we provide customised solutions for Lotus Domino Authentication and Add-On Services based on this technology.